Cell Phones for USD Business Use

The university provides cell phones from Verizon Wireless or AT&T Mobility for business purposes.

Available to



- Verizon Wireless contract for 1 year (upgrades eligibility at 10 months)
- AT&T Mobility contract for 2 year (upgrades eligibility at 21
Both include term service agreements.


University of San Diego employees who have been authorized to have a business cell phone must procure the phone and plan through USD Telecommunications. Departmental funds and budgets will be used for all cellular and equipment charges. Porting over of personal numbers is not permitted. USD is not responsible for early termination fees or charges for personal plans or previously purchased equipment. Individually owned cell phones are non-reimbursable. For more details of the USD expense reimbursement rules for cell phones, please contact USD Procurement Services at (619) 260-4732.

How to use

University-issued cellular equipment is to be used primarily for USD business-related purposes and any personal use will be incidental. An assigned user is responsible for the equipment and will exercise appropriate safeguarding care and caution when using university-issued devices.

Immediately report if lost or stolen. An assigned user will notify Telecommunication by calling extension 7500 or send an e-mail to with date, time and location information of theft or loss of university-issued equipment.

If separated from USD employment the assigned user will return the cell phone and any accessories when issued to the Telecommunications Department. If the phone is lost within 90 days of separation the employee is responsible for the replacement costs of the lost phone and its accessories.


All support for USD business cell phones is coordinated through the
USD Telecommunications office at (619) 260-7500.


May vary by vendor and cellular plan. Both Verizon Wireless and AT&T Mobility offer a corporate discount to USD; however, pricing of phones and services plans change frequently.

Getting started

The USD Telecommunications office (619) 260-7500 can assist in reviewing corporate cell phone options and will help in selecting a phone. In most instances the Telecommuncations office will recommend a few different phones and people will be referred to a local Verizon Wireless or AT&T Mobility store to ensure that the phone has the best features needed by an individual.

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