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Open a shared Exchange calendar


  1. Open Outlook
  2. Click the File menu, select the Open button, and then select the Other User’s Folder button
  3. In the Open Other User’s Folder window, type the email name of the person whose calendar you wish to open
  4. In the Select name: Global Address List window, ensure the correct name is highlighted, then press the OK button
  5. The shared calendar will then be accessible in Outlook and can be viewed or hidden by toggling the checkbox next to the calendar’s name


 Note: If you open a shared calendar, but you cannot see the desired information on their calendar, you will need them to change your Calendar Permissions in their Outlook Calendar through the Calendar Properties (by right clicking on their calendar). 

Share an Exchange calendar

There are a number of ways to share an Exchange calendar.  The following instructions are one way to share a calendar and set its sharing permissions to a custom level.

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Select the Calendar window by pressing the Calendar link in the navigation pane or pressing CTR+2 on the keyboard
  3. Right-click the Calendar that will be shared to display the context menu
  4. Select Share then click on Calendar Permissions
  5. In the Calendar Properties window, click the Add... button
  6. In the Add Users window, in the Search field, type the name of the Exchange user who will access the shared calendar, then double-click the appropriate name to enter it in the Add-> field
  7. Press the OK button
  8. In the Calendar Properties window, highlight the newly-added name in the top of the window, then select a permission level for that user in the Permissions field
  9. The various permissions can be viewed by first selecting a Permission Level, then noting the corresponding permissions in the group boxes that are below (in the Read, Write, Delete items, and Other fields)
  10. Press the OK button to save the changes

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