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What is Google+ for Torero Mail?

Google+ is Google's new "social search" tool, giving users the ability to post and share with different circles of people.  Google+ also includes Facebook-like features, such as a wall and a public/private profile.  Starting December 2, 2011 Google+ will be available for all Torero Mail users at USD.  You'll be able to share with all Google+ users, not just people with Torero Mail.  Google has released a teaser video about the features of Google+:

Why do I want Google+?

One of the great features of Google+ is the ability to create "hangouts", which are video chats and collaboration sessions with up to 9 people.  These hangouts can be used for anything, including concerts, test study sessions, or just meeting with friends.  You can even share Google documents and your screen with your hangout friends!  Hangouts are available in your web browser or on the Google+ mobile app.

Learn more about how to use Google+ for your USD work and fun.

How do I get access to Google+?

You can access Google+ by logging in to your Torero Mail account (at and click on the + icon in the upper left of the black toolbar. You can also visit after you've logged in to your Torero Mail inbox.   If you do not have a Torero Mail account yet, you can visit and click "create an account".

Please note that only current students and alumni after Fall 2009 are guaranteed to have a Torero Mail account.  Some alumni accounts from the class of 2008 or earlier may have access to Torero Mail. If you are a USD alumnus and want to know if you have a Torero Mail account, please contact the ITS Help Desk. Staff/faculty can create their own Google+ account by visiting, but these accounts will not be supported by ITS.

How do I get help with Google+?

Students/alumni may contact the Help Desk at (619) 260-7900 for basic troubleshooting or they may also reference our Torero Mail FAQ's at Mail. Google also offers technical support for more advanced issues.

What type of support does the ITS Help Desk offer?

The ITS Help Desk can assist users with issues concerning creating an account, logging in and with basic tasks.  You can check the Google+ documentation for help with more advanced topics.

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