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New Look for Torero Mail (Fall 2011)

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In Fall 2011, Google will be rolling out a new look to the Torero Mail system.  This look has already been rolled out to Google Docs, Google Calendar, and the consumer version of Gmail.  Users have been able to "opt-in" early and change their email to the new look.  After December 2, 2011, the new look will be the default for the Torero Mail system.

The new look does not change any features of Torero Mail, but does add some different views and themes (learn more in our KB Changing Your Torero Mail Theme.  Torero Mail will now expand and contract to fit your web browser, allowing Torero Mail to be usable on big screens and mobile devices.  The search and filter function has been updated, to allow finer search control.  Also, the new look moves the GTalk chat to the left of the window.  Google has posted a list of the changes, as well as this video about the new look:

We recommend you try out the new look as soon as possible before the December 2nd change.  If you want to go back to the old view temporarily, you can follow our guide on Temporarily Use The Old Torero Mail View.