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How-to access office computers remotely from off campus using VPN (eGate)


Here are the steps to set up remote access on a VPN connection, to access a person's USD work computer running WinXP from a home computer running WinXP.

  • Your Computer's IP Address: The person will need their computer's static IP address for their work computer.  In Windows XP, you can find this by clicking on the Start Button-> Control Panel.  Find the "Network Connections" tool and open it.  Select your "Local Area Connection" and find the IP address on the blue bar in the left side (Under Details).

Once the above two steps are completed, the Work computer is joined to the AD Domain, and the user can login to their AD account, the following needs to be done:

At work:

  1. Ensure that Remote Desktop is enabled on the work computer: Right-click My Computer, Remote tab, enable "Allow users to connect remotely to this computer."
  2. The work computer must be powered on, and not asleep.

From home:

  1. In a Web browser, the user logs in to with their AD credentials.
  2. Click "Sign In" button for "Network Connect" choice.
  3. Start, Programs, Accessories, Remote Desktop Connection (May be under Communications subfolder).
  4. Enter the work computer's IP address (assigned in Static IP Request Quick Ticket by Network Team) to select the user's work computer.

When finished, close the Remote Desktop Connection from its"X" near the top center of its window.  Make sure you sign out of the VPN connection in the Web browser window.