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How-to change a Centrino N-1030 Power Setting to Improve Wireless



The ITS Help Desk has seen multiple people with new notebook computers who are experiencing problems with slow wireless speeds, all using a specific wireless card (a Centrino N-1030) while on their battery.  When the notebook is plugged in to the AC adapter, the computer functions fine on wireless.  This is a confirmed bug with the power profile on these computers, and seems to happen on computers from multiple vendors (HP, Dell, and Acer so far).

Until this problem is fixed by the manufacturers, Intel has shared a workaround that will turn off the power save on the wireless card.  When the setting is changed, users have experienced better wireless performance around campus without a major impact on battery life.

If you're unsure if this problem is affecting your computer, or if you want help making this change, please come by the ITS Help Desk during our office hours for assistance.

  1. Click on your start button (in the lower left)
  2. Type "Power Options" in the search bar
  3. Click on Power Options under the Control Panel section (see picture below for steps 1-3)


4. Find the power plan your computer is using (marked with a black dot) and click on "Change Plan Settings"

5. Click on "Change advanced power settings"

6. Find "Wireless Adapter Settings" and click it to expand.  Then change the setting listed for Battery to "Maximum Performance".  Click OK and then click Save Changes.