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I received an email about my Google Apps account - what does it mean?

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*This change took place in May 2011 without incident.  We will keep this article in for historical purposes*


Users of Torero Mail received an email today (Thursday, May 26 2011) talking about changes to their Google Apps account.  This email is in reference to the Torero Mail GA+ migration that took place to make your account more like a standard Google email account. 

You can read more about this transition and the new features at

Subject: Your Google Apps account now works more like a full Google Account


Hello Google Apps user,


Your Google Apps account has been successfully transitioned to function

more like a full Google Account! To get started, please sign out and

sign back in after reading this message.


What this change means for you:


- Access to many more Google products. You will now be able to use most

Google products with your accounts. For a sample, see our

list of products.

- New sign in option. You can now sign in to Google services from the

regular sign-in pages (like Make sure to enter

your full email address when signing in. Learn more

- Data ownership. All data contained in Google Apps

accounts continues to be owned by your organization, and is subject to's terms and conditions. Learn more

Common issues:


- Using multiple accounts. After the conversion, the process to sign in

to multiple accounts simultaneously in your browser (What is a

browser?) will change. Learn more

- Offline support for certain Google products aren't currently

available. Learn more

Still have questions or need more help?


- If you are an administrator, please visit our Help Center for Admins.

- If you are an end user, please visit our full Google Accounts Help

Center. If you have questions that are not in the Help Center, please

contact your administrator for help.



The Google Apps Team



You have received this mandatory email service announcement to update

you about important changes to your Google Apps account.


Please don't reply to this email, as we won't be able to review your

response. If your question wasn't answered, please feel free to visit

our Help Center.


Google Inc.

1600 Amphitheatre Parkway

Mountain View, CA 94043