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What is a Conflicting Account for Google Apps+ (GA+)?


These instructions were made using the "old style" view of Torero Mail.  We are working on replacing the screenshots, but the steps should be similar.

If you have a personal Google account that is associated with your Torero Mail account (think of your USD email address), Google will require you to make changes to your personal Google Account. For example, if your Torero Mail Identity is and you also have a personal  Picasa account with Google called, you will have to make changes to your personal account.   Note: If your personal account is there is no impact - you do not have a conflicting account.

Note:  We have observed that many people who have conflicting accounts (according to Google) are confused when we sent out an initial email advising them of this  - they do not remember ever creating one.  As a result, these may have been created years ago or perhaps inadvertently - and may not be much of an impact on USD users.  Google has created the following video that might help you understand this issue better than we can explain it in words. 

(Portions of this article are courtesy Berkeley Lab Commons, 2011)

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