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Information concerning the redesign of the USD website

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The main page of the University of San Diego website has been undergoing redesign since August of 2010 and completed in December 2010.  Currently, the website is still undergoing a redesign process for all the individual USD departments to fit this new design.  This is expected to conclude in December 2011, in which it is our intent and goal to improve the site in design, function, and maintenance; so as to better aid our users.  For more information regarding the transition of the USD website click on the link below.


USD Website Redesign Website:


The information in this article should help clarify any information you need in terms of the website’s redesign, timeline, departmental assistance (teams), processes, goals, and more. If you still have questions or concerns considering the redesign, feel free to contact the ITS Help Desk at (619)-260-7900, or by email at