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If you are attempting to post information on your personal or departmental website at the University of San Diego, then the following tutorial will give you the necessary information to connect to the USD server.



Connecting to USD in Dreamweaver



To get to the above image follow these steps:

The above image provides the information necessary to publish on the USD server. Make sure that your username (without the and password are the same as they would be if you were logging in to MySanDiego.

1. Launch Dreamweaver

2. Go to the "Site" Menu

3. Select Manage Sites

4. Click on New site

5. Fill out the Site Name

6. Browse to the Local site folder (this is where the site is on your computer)

7. Click on Servers

8. At the bottom of the white box you will see a + Click on that.

9. This screen is the same one as shown here:

10. Click on save

11. Click on save

12. Click on your newly added site in the Manage Sites area

13. You will be connected to your personal site



If you encounter any issues or are unable to follow the steps above, please call the Help Desk at 619-260-7900 or email