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Prospective Student/Applicant


An Applicant is someone who is applying to USD, but has not yet been accepted. Applicants are given an ID number and a 6 digit PIN code which allows them to log in to the MySanDiego portal to track their acceptance status. This ID/PIN combo is sent to them in a letter from Admissions (Graduate or Undergraduate).

If an Applicant calls and wants to know what either their ID or PIN is, they will need to call their appropriate Admissions department.

If they already have their ID, but are unable to get into the portal because of an ID/PIN mismatch, they will need to contact Admissions first to verify that they have the correct information since we do not have access to Applicant data.

If Admissions has verified that they have the correct information, but they still cannot access the portal, the applicant can use the new link on the My SanDiego log in page labeled "Applicants Only Forgot Password/ID". This will prompt them to enter the last 4 digits of their Social Security Number and their last name. Once this information is entered, it will provide them with their information.

They will not be able to create a USD account until they have made their deposit and the deposit has been cleared by admissions.

When an Applicant does have the correct log in information, but cannot log in to the portal, a ticket will need to be created for the MySanDiego portal support team. Usually, the problem is that the PIN is not synchronized between systems.