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Can I Change My USD Username?

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The following is the Username change Guideline.



 Name changes are only supported in conjunction with a legal name change (e.g., in conjunction with a marriage, domestic partnership, or divorce) that has been reflected within Registrar or HR records in accordance with USD policies and procedures.  The name change action will reestablish your Identity at USD to reflect your new information.  Preferred usernames cannot be reserved in advance; you will select your new username during the name change procedure, subject to availability. 


In certain circumstances, recredentialing is also permitted when your information is recorded incorrectly in the IAM database. If changing your username is reflective of the changing information in the Registrar or HR database, then a username change request is permissible.

If you are a student and your information is incorrect in IAM, then contact the Registrar at 619-260-2888. If you are a staff member and your information is incorrect in IAM, then contact the HR department at 619-260-6611. When your name is changed and verified in these departments, contact the ITS Help Desk at 619-260-7900.


Please note that ITS will support a username change request only when made following a legal name change or recredentialing action; ITS will not support username change requests based solely on personal preference or Also Known As (AKA) names.