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How-to create a Personal Web Space


The University of San Diego offers personal web space for all current students, staff and faculty on  Once activated, you will have a site at MySanDiego username).  You can follow these steps to activate your space and upload a file:

  1. IMPORTANT: If you are setting up your site for the first time, you need to log in to the server so it will create your home directory. To do that, try connecting to on port 42670 using Filezilla or Dreamweaver.  If you can connect, you can follow the rest of the steps below.
  2. In your web browser visit and log in. 
  3. Click on “Enable web site”, then look for any errors under "Web site configuration check".
  4. Your site is now enabled.  Go to and log in with your MySanDiego username and password. (You MUST use https to access this tool).
  5. Click on the Public_HTML folder to access your home directory.  It will look something like this:
  6. You can use the web based interface to upload files, or FTP/Dreamweaver using these settings: Secure FTP - host: on port 42670