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How-to forward Exchange email account to another account

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Instructions for Redirecting Exchange Email in OWA
*Must be done in INTERNET EXPLORER*

See attachment for screen shots with directions
1. Go to and login
2. Click Options in the upper right corner

3. Click Rules in the left column
4. Click New Rule and select “Create a new rule for  arriving messages”

5. Select “Forward or redirect” and then choose “Redirect  the message to people or distribution lists”
6. Then click on the link people or distribution lists
7. Enter the email address at the bottom of where you  would like it forwarded to and then hit OK out of the  window
8. Next, select Move, copy or delete… and “Move the  message to the specified folder”
9. Then select “Specified” and choose the Deleted Items  folder, then hit OK out of that window  (By completing  this step, this will manage your quota so your inbox  does not fill and in result, you would stop receiving  email until that was corrected. By moving to the  Deleted Items, the message will be redirected to your  other account, and then deleted automatically in 30  days from the Exchange mailbox server to ensure your  quota is maintained)

10. Final step is select “Perform Other Actions…” and c choose Stop Processing More Rules
11. Click Save
12. Click OK and you are finished

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