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Microsoft Entourage not synchronizing with Exchange

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Occasionally, Microsoft Entourage will connect with the Exchange Server, but no synchronization will take place, despite the fact that the Activity Window shows the sync taking place. You may notice that there are messages in Outlook Web Access that are not showing up in Entourage.


To troubleshoot the issue, perform the following steps:

  • Check Entourage's Account Settings to ensure that everything is configured correctly. Compare settings to the ones in the PDF file attached to this KB entry.
  • If the settings are correct, empty the folder cache for the Inbox. To do this:
    • Select the Exchange Inbox
    • Right-click on the Inbox, then select Folder Properties from the menu
    • In the Folder Properties dialog box, click on the Empty button in the Empty Cache section
    • Click the OK button
    • Click the Send/Receive button to force a sync. You should see the missing messages come in at this point.

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