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Requesting an Exchange account for a student employee


By default, all students at USD have their email on Torero Mail (hosted by Google) - these accounts allow for 7gb of storage, calendaring, and access to Google Docs.  However, some departments need student employees to have access to Exchange, where they can have calendar and email delegation access for full time staff/faculty.

If a student employee needs access to Exchange, ITS can create a special student Exchange account (SA Account) that they can use concurrently with their Torero Mail account.  They will have an additional email address that can be used for business purposes (the address will be SA-*theirusername*  These accounts must be renewed every year.

To request an SA account for a student employee, the student and supervisor must fill out the Authorization For Student Exchange Account form below and fax it to Network Operations at (619) 849-8310.