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Adding a network printer in XP

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Click the Start menu button
Open settings and choose "Printers" from the pull down menu
Open "Add Printer"

This opens the Add Printer Wizard
click next

Select "Local printer"
click next

Select Create a new port
Choose "Standard TCP/IP port, this will open the Standard TCP/IP Printer Port Wizard
click next

Enter the name of the printer, xxx, as in the Printer Name field
The name of the Printer in the Port Name field should fill in automatically
click next, This will bring up the completion page

click finish

(only for certain printers, try with out this step first)
*Select Custom option and click Settings.
*Select "LPR" from the protocol section, and in the LPR settings section, enter "default" in
the Queue Name field.

The driver selection page will appear
Select the driver from the list
click next

You will be asked to name your printer
Enter the name you would like to reference for the printer
*Example: cmo199-hp5m, Office-printer
click next

This will bring the Printer Sharing page up
Select "Do not share this printer"
click next

You will be given the opportunity to print a test page, select yes or no
click next

click Finish