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Supported and unsupported devices on USD's wireless network


The University of San Diego's wireless network is a large, robust system that provides Internet access virtually everywhere on campus.  While many computers and devices are supported, we do have some devices you should be aware are not currently supported on our wireless network.


  • Laptop/Notebook computers with an 802.11 wireless card
    • Please note: While any laptop/notebook with a compatible wireless card should work, the ITS Help Desk is limited in the support resources we can provide.  We are only able to provide major support for users of Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista or Mac OS X.  We are able to provide limited support for Linux users.
  • SmartPhones and PDAs with an 802.11 wireless card
    • Some devices, such as Blackberry phones and Windows phones, are unable to use our 'usdconnect' wireless network.


  • Gaming Consoles are not currently supported on the wireless, but major consoles (Xbox 360/Xbox One, Wii/Wii U, PS3/PS4) are supported on our wired (Ethernet) network
  • Older ("fat") PS3s are unable to use our wired network due to a bug in its network stack.  Slim PS3s work properly on the wired network.
  • Handheld gaming devices are also unsupported on our wireless network (DS, 3DS, PSP, Vita)
  • Printers with wireless support:  Currently these printers must use Bluetooth or a USB cable for local printing
  • Apple TimeMachine
  • TiVo is not currently supported on the wireless, but can be used on our wired (Ethernet) network
  • VoIP phones that use wireless
  • Windows smartphones
  • Electronic Book Readers, such as the Kindle
  • Google ChromeCast