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Drop Shadow

Is there wireless network access on campus?


Yes! Wireless access is available campus wide.  We have three different wireless network names, or SSIDs, each with a different purpose.

Current students, staff, and faculty who use the wireless often are encouraged to connect to 'usdsecure'. This network provides the most security and will save your login information to speed up connecting to the network.  To configure your computer for 'usdsecure', you can run our SecureConnect tool found at


If you use the wireless rarely, or are unable to install the SecureConnect tool, current students, staff and faculty can connect to 'usd'.  You will need a MySanDiego username and password to access the 'usd' wireless network. Please be aware that if you disconnect from the wireless network, turn your computer off or put it into sleep mode, you will need to log back into the Aruba Wireless Network with your MySanDiego username and password.


Finally, guests and alumni can connect to the 'usdguest' network.  To use this network, users must pay a minimal fee ($5 for a day, $15 a week, or $30 a month) with a valid credit card.