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I am a Mac user, how do I access Noetix?


Those that use Macintosh computers to access Noetix cannot directly access Noetix through  If one is on a Mac and goes to Noetix directly in a web browser, the page is likely to only show the Noetix logo and not the username and password fields to continue to use Noetix.

Macs are not directly compatible with Noetix.

All Mac users, including those who may have used Noetix before from a Windows PC but have switched to a Mac, must go through an account on the NTS server.  You must have an account on this server if you are using a Mac to access Noetix.  Accessing the Noetix server can be done by downloading Windows RDC and remoting to  Contact the Network and Systems Operations group for the procedure to get such an account.

Website for Network Systems:
Network Operations Phone Number: 619-260-4726


To configure your Mac to run Noetix, please download the PDF in the attachment below after you have attended the Noetix training and have been given access. If you try to connect beforehand, it will not accept your credentials.

If you experience any difficulties or have any questions, please call the Help Desk at 619-260-7900.