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Why am I unable to export Noetix reports to Excel?


Some Windows users may get this message in Noetix when attempting to view a report's output in Excel:


"In order to use the View In Excel feature, you need to have Microsoft Excel 2000/XP or the Office Web Components installed on your machine. Please contact your administrator or Noetix support for further assistance."


Downloading and installing the Office Web Components from Microsoft's website seems to solve the issue.  Currently, the Web Components are available for download at and work with Office 2003 and Office 2007.


Office 2007 users should also download the SP1 update for Office Web Components at


Download and install as instructed, accepting the defaults during installation.  Log off Noetix (if logged on), close your web browser, and reopen a web browser window to Noetix.  Re-run your report and try again to view in Excel.  Watch for a yellow bar across the top to see if ActiveX prompts you about running this ActiveX control and run it if prompted.  You should be able to now view your report in Excel.


If the user has Office 2010 installed and getting this error please refer to L1S #35042 Subject: Noetix


This procedure will NOT work for users on Macintoshes using Remote Desktop to access Noetix. The solution for those users is still pending.