Watson Analytics Student Edition

(Also known as Cloud-based analytics service)

In a continuing effort to help enhance teaching and learning experiences, and to give our students a competitive edge in the workforce, ITS is pleased to announce our partnership with IBM Watson Analytics.   Through this new relationship USD faculty and students will have special access to IBM Watson Analytics for instructional and research purposes.   All USD students are entitled to their own subscription of Watson Analytics Student Edition at no cost!

Available to

Student Faculty


What is Watson Analytics?
Watson Analytics is about smart data discovery. It is a cloud-based analytics service that enables you to perform data analysis, research projects, discovery and visualizations in order to create clear and compelling stories that lead you to the right conclusions and easily find answers within your own data.
At a time where employers expect individuals at all levels of the organization to use raw data for new insights, the more prepared our students are to deliver results and insights, the better!

Why Watson Analytics?
The abundance of data, the popularity and the growth of the cloud, advances in analytics, new user experience design and business models have converged. The result of this convergence is the imperative for everyone to make decisions based on facts and data. Where once organizations relied on data scientists or IT to prepare and interpret data, now marketing, sales, operations, finance and HR professionals are being asked to get answers they need from all types of data — on their own.


Must be a current, active USD student or faculty member with a USDOne account

How to use

If you want to learn more about Watson Analytics, you can:

• View a library of how-to videos on YouTube-
• Download step-by-step workbook and dataset-
• Enroll in the free "Fundamentals of Watson Analytics" course on Big Data University-


For assistance with the registration process or using the software, please contact IBM here-


Free to current USD students and faculty members

Getting started

1. Go here to access the Student Edition Registration Page-
2. Complete the registration process
3. You will receive a confirmation email with their login credentials

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