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When I click on a Google Docs link in my e-mail, I'm sent to the Torero Mail login page...Why?


Problem: When a Google Docs user sends a link to any user with an address, clicking the link takes the user to the login page for Torero Mail.


The link you receive from Google Docs will look similar to the following:


This issue first occurred when the University started using Torero Mail, which is powered by Google. Apparently, interprets the /a/ portion of the URL and assumes the recipient is a Torero Mail user, so it will redirect the user to our Torero Mail login page. The portion seems to be added when a Google Docs user selects a recipient in the domain. This is something that Google's engineering team is working to resolve.


The workaround for the issue is:

  • Copy the link from your e-mail application and paste it into the address bar of your web browser. 
  • Delete the portion of the URL that reads /a/
  • Press enter. When this section is removed, Google Docs will show the appropriate document as intended.

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