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DARS (Degree Audit Report System)


What is DARS?

DARS, or the Degree Audit Reporting System, is a system employed by the University of San Diego for allocating and viewing academic standing to all students. By using DARS, a student will be able to view a number of different pieces of information; most especially, they will be able to track their progress through their majors and minors and assess their overall academic standing.

Why do I want DARS?

DARS is the place to go in order for students to quickly and efficiently find all the information mentioned above. The DARS program will assess all classes that have already been taken as well as present any future classes. It will also aggregate the data from all these pieces of information and present total GPAs, the total number of credits achieved, and the number of credits that is left.

It is linked to the student USD username and password combination, so logging in and getting an audit (or a processed statement) of one's academic standing is standard procedure.

How do I get to DARS?

The DARS link is located in the “My Academics” link in the "Torero Hub." In the DARS/U.Achieve channel box. Upon clicking the link, one will be routed to an introductory page, with various links located on the left side. For all students, “Student Login” is the next step.

After logging in with one's USD username and password (the same as needed for the MySanDiego portal) the student will be able to request an audit for either their declared major/minor (or an undeclared audit, if the student has not declared yet) or select a program to see his or her standing. After selecting an audit, clicking the button “Request a New Audit” will send that request to the system. On the next screen, an audit with a button “View Audit” will appear after a few seconds. After selecting to view the audit, the student will be able to see various charts outlining his or her status in the program, as well as view completed classes and in which requirements each of them fall under. At the top is a chart with various GPA standings, as well.

How do I get help?

Should students find any problems with the system at any point, they can call the ITS Help Desk at extension 7900 for assistance. From there, a capable staff of Student Techs will try to troubleshoot problems such as clogged browser caches or other computer related issues. If the Student Techs cannot find a solution to said problems in due time, then the student can still perform the tasks given by DARS through the Registrar's Office.


Primary Point of Contact:  Registrar's Office - x2888