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What is SecureConnect/“usdsecure”?

The network called “usdsecure” is a newly created wireless network that offers a unique set of features never before available to USD students. Mainly, the network allows for users to bypass the first blue login screen (also called “Aruba”) and be able to connect directly to the wireless. It also has an enhanced level of security through the insertion of a certificate into the user's specific computer that certifies its identity on the network.

Why do I want SecureConnect?

The “usdsecure” network allows users to bypass one of the two login screens that appear after logging into a network. The SafeConnect login is still a part of the process – it is the Aruba login screen that is absent.

How do I get SecureConnect?

All students, staff, and faculty of the University of San Diego can perform a one-time procedure in order to connect to the “usdsecure” network. After this process, which will take 5 to 10 minutes, users will be automatically moved to the "usdsecure" network. 

To begin using the “usdsecure” network, go to the following link:

After going to that link, you will be prompted to install a small client that will guide you for the rest of the process. The procedure includes one restart of the computer and the inputting of your MySanDiego username and password, essentially for the last time.

Afterward, you will be connected to the “usdsecure” wireless network and the client will make it your primary wireless network. Nonetheless, users should make sure that they are connected to that particular network at all times.

What type of support does the ITS Help Desk offer?

Should users run into problems during the process, or should they simply want some hands-on direction into the “usdsecure” network, they can come into the ITS Help Desk and a staff of capable Student Techs will be glad to help.

They will diagnose any problems that may have occurred, most especially in terms of keeping the wireless drivers up-to-date, making sure no IP filters are set in place, and that the client was installed correctly.

If you experience problems with more than the software, the Help Desk techs will collaborate with the campus Network Team in order to assess what the underlying problem truly is.