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What is usdguest?

"usdguest" is a wireless network provided by the University of San Diego to those who are guests of the University. It is the only network provided to guests seeking to browse the Internet.

Why do I want usdguest?

"usdguest" is reserved for guests of USD - if you are a current student, staff, or faculty we ask you use "usd" or "usdsecure".

How Do I get access to usdguest?

As of June 2014, the guest wireless promotional codes and fees have been suspended. Currently guests of the university do not need to pay, and do not need a password in order to access the limited wireless network.

Formerly, sponsored groups of the University were given approved promotional codes to create a username and password. Unsponsored guests of the University paid fees in order to create a username and password that allowed them access to the internet on the "usdguest" network.

How do I get help?

If you are having problems with the "usdguest" wireless network, you can look at our troubleshooting guides (listed below). If you are still having problems with the system, you can contact the ITS Help Desk.

What type of support does the ITS Help Desk offer?

The ITS Help Desk is able to help users troubleshoot problems connecting to the guest wireless network, "usdguest". We can also help users create a username and password for their wireless activity.

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