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What is Exchange?

Exchange is our email service for faculty and staff across campus. The client has an inclusive address book of all users on campus as well as the functionality for shared calendars and schedules. Users can check their mail and calendar through Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Entourage, the Outlook Web Access website, or with a Blackberry or compatible mobile phone.

Why do I want Exchange?

Exchange serves as our email and calendaring system for all current faculty and staff at USD. It allows users to delegate access to calendars/inboxes, create server side rules, and support for synchronization with various smartphones.  Exchange also offers a complete web access site with full support and management of your entire account. 

How do I get access to Exchange?

All faculty/staff are given accounts on the Exchange server when their MySanDiego account is created.  Generally, students are not given accounts on Microsoft Exchange, but a department can request an SA account on Exchange for a student worker that needs to manage the calendars of staff/faculty.  You can learn more at our tutorial for requesting an Exchange account for a student employee.

How do I get help?

First, you can view our support resources on our Exchange Migration page.  You may look at our FAQs if you are experiencing any problems, or you can Create a Ticket or feel free to Contact the ITS Help Desk.

What type of support does the ITS Help Desk offer?

The ITS Help Desk is able to troubleshoot most problems that users experience with Microsoft Exchange. We can help you configure your email clients to send and receive email, troubleshoot any difficulties with it, as well as help you submit a request to a technician for further assistance.