Basics of Using the Zoom Teleconferencing Software When Joining a Meeting

For detailed instructions with pictures, please see the attached PDF.

Go to and download the “Zoom Client for Meetings”


It is preferable to use the software with a hard-wired internet connection rather than

using wi-f. If you have to use wi-f you may have to disable the video camera to ensure

a stable connection. 

Once installed, launch the software and you should see this menu. To check your

audio/video settings, click on the bottom right “Settings” tab.

To join a meeting, click on the link that was emailed to you or use the meeting ID in

your email and select the “Join Meeting” icon. 

Click on the “Audio” tab and select the headset or computer microphone you are using.

You can also test your sound along with testing your speaker. 

Click on the “Video” tab and select the camera or webcam you are using. 

After you join your meeting by clicking the link that was emailed to you, you will see

options that allow you to go back into your “Settings” to adjust audio/video. You can

mute/unmute audio in the bottom left of the screen.

Other helpful options are being able to “Share Screen” or “Chat” that allows you to

write to others on the call. 


If you encounter any issues, please contact the Help Desk at 619-260-7900 or email

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