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What is VPN / eGate?

Virtual Private Networking, or VPN, is a networking tool that allows off campus users to securely connect to the USD network. When you use a VPN program, your computer will have access to the same computer resources that you have on campus.

eGate is the name of USD’s VPN server. These terms are used interchangeably by USD.

Why do I want VPN/eGate?

If you are a staff or faculty member who does work off campus, you might need a VPN account to access USD computer resources. Here is a list of resources you can only access while off campus through VPN:

  • Network Shares
  • Printing to a departmental (networked) printer
  • VAX
  • Banner INB
  • Remote Deskop to another work computer
  • Noetix for Mac users
  • Internal access only servers

How do I get access to VPN/eGate?

If you are a current staff or faculty member, you can submit a request for VPN access. Please fill out the Staff and Faculty User Registration Form, have your supervisor/dean sign it, and fax it to the number listed on the form. You can download the form at


Once access has been given, you can visit to log in and start the VPN client.

How do I get help?

If you are having problems with VPN/eGate, you can take a look at our tutorials and FAQ on VPN (listed below in “related topics”). If you are still having problems with the system, you can Create a Ticket asking for help or Contact the ITS Help Desk

What type of support does the ITS Help Desk offer?

The ITS Help Desk is able to help users troubleshoot problems connecting to VPN/eGate. We also can help you with your AD Password (required for access) and help you with the paperwork to request access.