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For detailed instructions with pictures, please see attached PDF.

1. Once you receive the email inviting you to join Dropbox for USD, click on the “Join your team” link.

2. A window will open up in your web browser prompting you to create your account.

3. Fill in the lines for your email address, first name and last name and check the box to agree to the Terms and Conditions

4. Click “Create account”

5. Since you already have a Dropbox account associated with your email account, you will get the message "It looks like you already have an account. Please sign in to join your organization."

6. Type in your password and click “Sign in”

7. Because you must use your address to use USD’s Dropbox for Business account, it will give you the following choices:

8. You can combine your existing personal account with your USD account. If this is the option you choose, select the bubble next to it and click “Confirm”

9. You can create a personal Dropbox account using a different email address, and your existing Dropbox files will be migrated over there. If this is the option you choose, select the bubble next to it. Type in your new Dropbox email address and password. Check the box next to “I agree to the Dropbox Terms” and click “Confirm” Congratulations! You have now set up your Dropbox for Business account!


If you encounter any issues, please contact the Help Desk at 619-260-7900 or email