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How to install the Dropbox desktop client for Mac:


For detailed instructions with pictures, please see the attached PDF

1. Go to and click on “Free download”

2. The application will begin downloading. 

3. When prompted, double-click on the Dropbox icon to install it 

4. Click on the download to open it up. You will get the following pop-up message. Click “Open”

5. The installation will start. 

6. After the installer finishes, the popup will disappear. Note: depending on your Operating System, it may have you go through an installation wizard process. If it does, follow the prompts and click “Next” until it finishes.

7. Now you can go to your Applications folder and see the Dropbox application

8. Click on it to open. A box will pop up and ask you to sign in. If you are signing in using your personal Dropbox account, simply fill in the username and password, and click “Sign In.” This will sync your Dropbox with the computer.

9. If you are signing in using your Dropbox for USD account, it will show the error “This email and password pair is invalid.” This is because Dropbox for USD uses a single sign-on. To get around this, click “Need help signing in?” And then select “Single sign-on…” in the lower right hand corner.

10. This will activate single sign-on. Enter your email address when prompted, then click “Submit.”

11. You will need to get a code from the internet to validate this. Click “Get your link code.”

12. This will open a web browser page. 

13. At the top of the page, sign in with your USDOne credentials.

14. This will bring you to the link code page. Click “Copy link code.” You will see the message “Link code copied to clipboard”

15. In the blue Dropbox window, click “Paste” to put in the code. Then click “Submit.”

16. If the link was submitted successfully, you will see the following window

17. Congratulations! You have now downloaded Dropbox and synced your account.

If you encounter any issues during the process, or have any further questions please call the Help Desk at 619-260-7900 or email for assistance.