Faculty Office Hours are entered into Banner Self-Service through the MySanDiego portal on the Teach/Advise tab.  Once office hours are entered they are visible to students through their self-service portal and posted to the college/department web pages.

Below are issues that are commonly encountered when entering office hours, and how to solve them:

Issue: The AM drop-down is below the first time entry.
Solution: This is an HTML auto-spacing issue. It means that your display is too small to show everything at once. Try maximizing the window, or zooming out.

Issue: Copying course availability doesn’t seem to be working.
Solution: You will need to submit your office hours at least once in one of your class sessions before you can copy any content.

Issue: There are not enough lines for office hours.
Solution: Only three lines generate automatically, but as soon as you submit with those three lines filled out, three more will generate. You can input as many office hours as you want.

Issue: My room number/office is unavailable.
Solution: This content pulls directly from Facilities’ system. If your building and room number is missing, email with the missing building/room so it can be added.

Issue: I do not have access to the Employee/Teach Advise tab.
There is Faculty assignment issue, and you will need to ask your Academic Scheduler in their college’s Deans Office for assistance.

Issue: I do not see all of my sections in the Faculty Dashboard.
Solution: Click on the "More" button at the bottom of the Faculty Dashboard to display additional sections.

Issue: I don't have a clock icon at the right side of my Faculty Dashboard.
Solution: Click the "Preferences" link in the Faculty Dashboard, then check the "Office Hours" box and click "Apply." Go back to the previous page and you will now see it.

Issue: I no longer want to receive emails about office hours.
SolutionThere will only be emails sent out right before the term and right after.

Issue: The email I received indicated I am teaching classes this semester, but I'm not.
Solution: You will need to ask your Academic Scheduler in their college’s Deans Office to re-assign your classes.


If your question was not answered above, or you need additional assistance please call the Help Desk at 619-260-7900 or email