Faculty Office Hours are entered into Banner Self-Service through the MySanDiego portal on the Teach/Advise tab.  Once office hours are entered each semester they are visible to students through their self-service portal and posted to the college/department web pages.


Note: Office Hours can only be updated by the courses primary instructor.


How to enter office hours:

  1. Log into the MySanDiego Portal using your USDOne username and password.
  2. Hover over "Employee" tab and click on "Teach/Advise".
  3. Click on the class section that you want to submit hours for in the Faculty Dashboard- if you do not see your class click the "More" link to view more sections.
  4. Click on the "clock icon" to the right of the section data. If you do not see the clock, click the "Preferences" link and check the "Office Hours" box, then click "Apply" and "Return to full page."
  5. Enter office hours (start/end times with am/pm dropdown, the days of the week check boxes, from and to dates which default from the start and end dates of the section).  Phone and Building are optional but are strongly suggested.  
  6. If you have more than 3 patterns to enter, enter the first three office hour patterns then click the "Submit" button. Three additional lines will appear.
  7. When all office hours have been entered, click the "Submit" button.
  8. Now, if you need to, you can copy your office hours to other sections. Click the appropriate option from the "Copy To" dropdown and then click "Submit."

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please call the Help Desk at 619-260-7900 or email