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General Information

The USD staff directory is managed via a web browser (i.e. not in Cascade Server) and can be found at the following URL:
An example of a directory listing on a USD website is the following:
It is a department's responsibility to manage the directory entries on their website. When employees arrive and depart it will be up to that department to show and hide the appropriate entries from the website.

Requesting a Directory
If your website does not include a directory listing, you can email to request one. Please send the name of your department and your website's URL to get started.

Any maintainer on the USD website can log in to the USD directory management system using their MySanDiego username and password; in the event that you do not have access, please email with your username and password as well as the department(s) you work in to be added to the system.

Managing Entries
Add, edit, and delete entries for your department(s) using the system. You can control all aspects of an employee's entry, except for the headshot which is managed central through University Communications and Information Technology Services. 
To ensure that an entry displays on your department's listing, select the 'yes' option for the 'Show Online' field. To hide an entry, select 'no' for the 'Show Online' field. 

Employee Headshots

Professional high-resolution headshots are required for the USD directory. If you have a professional photo of yourself, you can send it to and note your name and the URL of your department's directory so that the photo can be cropped and posted to an entry for you. Please note that photos that are not professional quality will not be accepted or posted to the website.
To have a high-quality headshot taken of yourself, contact Allen Wynar in Instructional Media Services to find out when his next headshot opportunity is scheduled. Allen will provide your photo to the web team for posting to your entry within 1 week of your headshot session. Please note that it is the department's responsibility to post the corresponding employee entry to the website before the headshot can be loaded by the web team.