Parchment is the system that the Registrar's office uses to distribute e-Transcripts to University of San Diego alumni who have graduated after Fall 2008.


Parchment is accessible through this link


For more information about e-Transcripts, see below, or visit


e-Transcript FAQ

1. What is an e-Transcript?

USD e-Transcript is a digitally converted or PDF document of your official transcript.

2. Is it secure?

Yes, once ordered you will receive a separate key to enter before you can download your transcript.

3. I am an Alumni/former USD student, can I order e-Transcript?

If you have been enrolled after Fall 2008 and succeeding then you can request an e-Transcript.

4. I created an account but I am not able to order?

You will receive two emails, one confirming your new account has been created and another one from the Registrar's Office that your account is ready for you to place a new order.

5. How can I view/print my e-Transcript?

You must have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  • For PC/Windows users: print the PDF as an image. To do so go to 'File', choose 'Print' and on the top right click on 'Advanced' button and select 'Print as an image', then hit 'OK' to print.
  • For MAC/Apple users, please use Firefox as your browser before you download the file. It does not work on Safari and Google Chrome.
  • If you are using a MAC/Apple, please use the attached instruction.

6. How long can I view/print my e-Transcript?

e-Transcript is only available for 30 days after they are created, not when first downloaded. You only have 3 download attempts and after that it will expire.

7. Can I forward my e-Transcript?

No, the e-transcript is transmitted electronically to the recipient only.

8. Can I request my e-Transcript to be forwarded to another email address?

Yes, as long as your e- Transcript order must be on active and not expired status before we can make the change. Please send us an email at and list your order number, the new recipient's email address, your name and ID#.

9. How will I know if my e-Transcript has been viewed?

You will receive an email informing you that the transcript has been received and viewed.

10. Can I attach another form along with the e-Transcript?

Yes, there is an option for attachment of file before you complete the order.

11. I am a current student and tried to order online but the page will not load from MySanDiego?

You must disable your pop-up blocker. The site will open on a new page to the Online-ordering page.

12. I am trying to obtain a transcript but I am receiving a message in MySanDiego portal that I have a graduation hold. What do I do?

Graduation holds do not prevent one from requesting official transcripts. Only a financial hold will prevent you from requesting an unofficial transcript. You can receive an official transcript in the following ways:

  • By creating an account in Parchment to receive an e-Transcript as stated above
  • Through web portal on the One Stop tab
  • A written request signed by you, mailed to: The Office of Student Financial Services, USD, 5998 Alcala Park, San Diego CA 92110. The cost is $10.00 per transcript payable either by check or cash
  • Request the official transcript(s) in person by going to One Stop Student Center in University Center room 126 and filling out the Transcript Request Form
  • For an unofficial transcript, you may fax your request with the above information and authorizing signature to the Registrar's office directly. The fax number is 619-260-4649. Alternatively, you may scan a signed copy of a request and attach and email it to There is no cost for this, but they do respond to the requests in the order that they are received, so there may be up to a two day delay.