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The USD Mapped Drives tool is a tool for USD staff and faculty to access network file shares on Apple computers.  Once the application is installed and run once, it will automatically start up when you log in to your computer.  


Status Icon:

The icon sits in your menu bar near the clock and shows whether you are currently connected to your shares (Green icon) or not (Red icon).


To Access Shares:

To get to your shares, you can:

  • Click the icon, then click the share from the menu to open Finder at that location, or
  • Click on the shares's name under Devices in your Finder toolbar, or
  • Go to the Volumes folder and access the share in question

To Reconnect Shares

If you are disconnected from your shares, click the icon in the top menu bar and select "Reconnect..."


Known Issues with USD Drive Mapper for OS X:


  • Only runs on OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion), 10.9 (Mavericks) and 10.10 (Yosemite)
  • Clicking on items in the Shared favorites in Finder (with names like will not open the shares and could given an error message
  • Unable to use the tool on a guest account, due to parental permissions blocking https access.  An admin will need to allow communication to for it to function properly.

Release Notes for USD Drive Mapper for OS X:


2.0 - November 12, 2014



  • New Interface!  You can access the shares from the menu near the 
  • Fixed a bug with passwords not being retrieved properly
  • Disabled dialog box saying all drives are mapped if you’ve saved your password and just started the application
  • Added automatic startup of application
  • Add mapped shares to the Devices list in Finder

1.10 - November 5, 2014


  • Agent instead of a standard program.  Will always sit in your menu near your clock
  • Password is saved in Keychain
  • Automatic login if keychain password exists
  • Can click icon and access mounted drives easily
  • At a glance see if drives are connected or disconnected

1.01 - January 24, 2014


  • Fixed a bug where certain password characters (such as @, \ and /) would not work
  • Server now gives an error response with more details of the error, such as a bad password or being unable to contact the AD server
  • Message that "All Drives Mapped" will not appear if there is an error downloading the data
  • App is now digitally signed

1.0 - January 13, 2014


  • Initial Release