1.   Login to with your username and password. 



2.   Click on the FERPA page under the Torero Hub tab  





3.   Click on Add Authorized User  


4.   Enter First Name, Last Name and Valid Email Address. Click on “Add Authorized User”.



5.   Click on “Expand” next to Authorized User’s Name.  Note: The “locked” icon indicated that the Profile and Authorizations have not been completed.  



6.   There are four tabs Profile, Authorization, History, Communication   




7.   Go to Profile tab – Select the appropriate Relationship. The Start Date and End Dates are populated by default for a period of 100 years, but you can change them.  This section must be completed prior to adding any authorizations to the user. 


Note: The authorized user will get an email with subject line “New authorized user identity”. If the authorized user’s email address has already been used by another student, only one email will be sent to the authorized user with the subject line ”New authorized user relationship.”  This creates a relationship between student and authorized user. 

8.   Go to the Authorization tab, click the check boxes for the items you wish to authorize your authorized user to view.  

·        Clicking on the check box for a category will allow your authorized user to see all the pages for that category (e.g. clicking Financial Aid Information will allow authorized user to see Financial Aid Status, Award Package, Award Messages, and Award History).    

·        Selections are automatically saved and indicated by the second checkbox under each category.  The upper checkbox becomes unchecked, but your selection is saved.  

·        To assign a new user the same authorizations as an existing user, select the Copy Authorizations drop down box.


9.   At this point, you have completed all of the necessary steps.  The MyUSDStudent Portal and FERPA Authorization enables you to manage all your authorizations as well as:

·        Resending emails: Communications tab

·        Resetting pins: Profile tab

·        View Authorization History: History tab

·        Add or Remove authorized access: Authorization tab

·        Delete authorized users: Profile tab