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If you are using Safari 6.1 or later to print timecards from Kronos, you might find the print option under "Actions" in Kronos does not work.  This is due to security changes Apple has made to Safari and the Java plugin.


To enable Java access to print, you need to change your Safari settings:

  1. Click on Safari in the menu and select Preferences
  2. Select the Security tab and click on the "Manage Website Settings..." button
  3. Select Java from the left-hand menu, then find under "Currently Open Websites" or "Configured Websites". If you do not have kronos listed there, try visiting and log in with your MySanDiego username and password.  Make sure Java starts and the timecard list (or timecard view) appears.
  4. Change the setting for from "Allow" to "Run in Unsafe Mode".
  5. You'll be asked if you want to continue.  Press "Trust" to allow Kronos access
  6. Click "Done" and close the Preferences window.  You will need to close and reopen the Kronos website for the change to work.