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What is mobile print?

Mobile Print provides the ability to submit print jobs to some printers from mobile devices including smart phones, tablets or laptops.  In order to use mobile print, you must have a valid Torero Card with a positive Torero Cash balance.  Once you've register for the system, you will be able to send print jobs using email or the Mobile Print website.

How do I get started?

You will need to register an account with the Mobile Print system before it will accept your print jobs.  To register an account, visit one of the Pharos Omega terminals in one of the following locations:

Serra Hall 205

Olin Hall 122

Warren Hall 131

Pardee Legal Research Center 108, 121, 122, 202, 207


Swipe your Torero Card at the terminal and enter your MySanDiego password when prompted:


Once you've entered your credentials, you should see a blank screen showing the cash balance on your Torero Card.  Congratulations, you've completed the registration process and you can now submit print jobs to the mobile print system!

How Do I Send a Print Job?

You can send your print job to Mobile Print using one of two methods:

1) Email  

  Send your print job as an email attachment to one of the following email addresses:    

• (color, single-sided)

• (color, double-sided)

•  (black & white, single-sided)

• (black & white, double-sided)

Email attachment size must be 25mb or smaller.  You will receive an email confirmation once Mobile Print has accepted your print job. Once you receive the confirmation email, simply visit one of the mobile print locations on campus, swipe your Torero Card and release your print job to the printer.  Alternately you can go to the Pharos Mobile Print web site and delete your print job or make changes to its formatting before releasing your file to the printer.

2) Web Site  

• Go to 

• Login using your MySanDiego username and password

• Upload the file you wish to print by clicking on the "Upload a document" button

• Select a Printer once your file has finished uploading by clicking on the drop down box.  NOTE:  if you accidentally select the wrong printer, the other choices will disappear from the list.  If this happens, just click on the drop down box and hit the space bar on your keyboard to refresh the list.


• Once you've selected a printer, you can modify the formatting of your document.  Depending on which printer you choose, you may be able to select color printing or double-sided (duplex) printing.  Hover your mouse pointer over each button in the Formatting toolbar to see which options are available.  The Cost column will update to reflect the cost of printing your document when set various formatting options:

• You can now either click the Print button to print your file, or go to any of the Mobile Print enabled printers on campus and swipe your Torero Card to release your print job.  If you click the Print button, your print job will print immediately and you will need to retrieve it from the printer.  

How Can I Get Additional Help?

For help using the Mobile Print system, either contact the ITS Help Desk at ext. 7900 or speak with a staff member in Serra 205.

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