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I don't want to use voice commands to process messages on my phone. How can I switch to the touchtone keypad interface?


This document is for USD’s new Unified Messaging VoiceMail, which you can read about at our Project Page. If you still check your voicemail by calling x6800, you are still on the old (Audix) system and this document does not apply to you.

To switch to the keypad (touchtone) interface permanently (or until you change it back to the voice command interface)

  1. Call 7800 (or 619-260-7800).
  2. Say "Personal Options" and press 4.
    Note: This does not turn off the voice prompts, only the speech recognition that allows you to speak your commands.

To switch back to the Voice User Interface

  1. Call 7800 (or 619-260-7800).
  2. Press 6 for Personal Options, and then press 4.