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I deleted a voice message from my email and it is no longer in my voicemail


This document is for USD’s new Unified Messaging VoiceMail, which you can read about at our Project Page. If you still check your voicemail by calling x6800, you are still on the old (Audix) system and this document does not apply to you.


When you delete a voice message, either on your phone or in your e-mail, it is moved to the Deleted folder in your e-mail and is no longer accessible from your phone. The message will remain in your Deleted folder until you empty that folder. To restore your voicemail, open Outlook or OWA and drag the message form your Deleted items folder back to the Inbox.

(Please NoteIf you have set your e-mail client to empty the Deleted folder when you close the program, you might lose your deleted voicemail and any deleted emails.)