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Installing VM Fusion:

When installing VM Fusion, please keep in mind that the OS will need to be purchased separately

1.       Purchase your copy of VM Fusion from the USD Bookstore or any software retailer.

2.       Once you purchase your copy, you will be provided with a product key and download link on a sheet of paper. You will need to go to the download URL. Please refer to the highlighted area in fig. 1

a.       If you lose this sheet, please contact VMware with a copy of your receipt. Please do not throw away your receipt or you may need to purchase another copy of the software.

b.      The following image depicts what the sheet you will receive looks like when you purchase VMware Fusion.


3.       After installing VMFusion, you will be prompted to install the Operating System using a few options.

a.       You can install by using the OS Disk, which you will simply need to insert into the disk drive and select install via OS disk.

b.      You can also install the OS using an image stored on the computer or the network. You will need to select the option to install using OS image and navigate the browser to the location of the image.



·         Before creating a virtual machine, you must obtain the operating system and any necessary product keys for installation in that virtual machine. VMware Fusion does not come with any operating systems to install in virtual machines you create.

·         This method assumes that you are using a physical CD or a disk image (.iso / .cdr /.dmg file). You cannot create a Windows virtual machine by using .exe files downloaded from Microsoft, as those files need to be run on a Windows PC. If you downloaded a.exe file from Microsoft, log in to your order page, locate the alternate download link, and select one of the two .ISO file formats, either 32-bit or 64-bit.