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What is Mediasite?

Mediasite is a classroom lecture capture technology that allows an instructor to easily video record his/her lecture along with any computer output or presentation.  Mediasite also makes it possible to record lectures or presentations directly from your desktop, using your computer's microphone and camera via the Mediasite Desktop Recorder. The system then formats these components in a organized fashion and makes the lecture available on-demand.  Streams can be viewed by students in a learning management system such as Blackboard, or via a link on a Web site, or even on their handheld devices.  Content is broken into segments allowing the user a number of various access points throughout the length of the recording for easy navigation.

How Do I get it?

  • Currently we have four classrooms with Mediasite installed (listed above).  You can work with your department's technical or scheduling liason to reserve one of these spaces.

  • To request a license for the Mediasite Desktop Recorder, please contact the iTeam at x7400 or via email at When submitting a request, please be sure to include your department and intended usage.

How can I learn how to use it?

  • The iTeam can provide training on Mediasite in a 1-on-1 or group format. Please contact the iTeam at x7400 or to arrange training.