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Looking to upgrade to OS X Yosemite? 

On OCtober 16th, Apple released the newest version of its OS X operating system named Yosemite (10.10).  Just like Mavericks last year, all users of OS X (from Snow Leopard 10.6 onward) would be eligible to upgrade to Yosemite for free.

At this time, Information Technology Services (ITS) is holding off on upgrading to OS X Yosemite while we complete testing on this new operating system. You should NOT try and upgrade your USD owned computer yourself – all computer operating system upgrades must be performed by ITS. 


Why should I wait?

With every new operating system, there can be major changes that will impact access to key USD services.  While initial testing does not reveal any initial problems, ITS will need to continue testing and perform a pilot before we recommend widespread release to campus.  In addition, some software vendors will not certify their applications as “OS X Yosemite Ready” for at least a few months.


Compatibility and Known Problems

While initial tests with Yosemite have been positive, there are a few things we have discovered do not work fully at this time.  

Working Properly:

  • USD's Office 2011 with the latest updates
  • "HandOff", the new functionality that allows calls and apps to share data between iOS8 and Yosemite
  • Kronos
  • Banner

Known Problems/Workarounds

  • Java 7 is not supported by Oracle on Yosemite, though initial testing with USD's 7u71 package from the ITS Downloads Page looks promising
  • Oracle functionality that requires Java does not work with Safari in Yosemite (have not tested with other browsers yet)
  • does not detect Yosemite, but you can install the network profile manually from
  • Users are unable to configure Mail automatically for their Torero Mail account.  You can review our tutorial on manually configuring Mail for Torero Mail for more details.
  • Users outside of USD have reported various problems with their WiFi - you can read more about the problems and workarounds on the MacRumors website.

Please check back for further updates.


Limited Support

ITS will provide support for any new USD-owned computers that come preloaded with Yosemite, or have been updated to Yosemite by ITS staff.  If you purchase a new Apple computer with Yosemite preinstalled or upgrade your personal computer, ITS will offer limited support for our early adopters.  At this time, ITS is able to support:

  • Connecting to the ‘usd’ and ‘usdconnect’ wireless networks
  • Configuring email, calendar, and Office for Exchange and Torero Mail

If you are still interested in upgrading your personally owned computer, we recommend you do the following:

  • Check to make sure your computer is compatible by visiting (If your computer ran Mavericks, it should be compatible with Yosemite)
  • Create a full backup of your system (using Apple Time Machine)
  • Download and install the update from the App Store

You can view a list of software compatible with OS X Yosemite at:


If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the ITS Help Desk at (619) 260-7900 or by submitting a request. Thank you for your patience, and please check back often for updates.

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