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Blue Line While Printing


If a user is getting a blue line while printing, it is possible that it is due to the glass being dirty.  Here is a suggested process from a Desktop Technician [4/13, Joseph Deich] on how to troubleshoot this problem on the phone:


1. Please send a print job from your computer to the copier. Does the line appear?
If yes, please continue to step 2.

2. Is the line vertical (spanning top to bottom) on the page?  If yes, please continue to step 3. 


(Note: if the line is horizontal (spanning left to right) it will not be a dirty auto-feeder glass problem.)

3.  Does the line appear when using the copier's AutoFeeder (the scanner tray on the top of the copier)?
If yes, Please continue to step 4.

4. Wipe the small glass plate beside the larger glass plate used to scan documents. Be sure there are no visible particles left on the glass.

Issue should be resolved.