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Sharp Printer Setup

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The workaround for this issue is kind of a nuisance but it's super easy. Acrobat Pro and Adobe Reader for the Mac have their own print dialog for printing preferences which is sandboxed from the driver's own printing preferences that have been pre-stored. This is a bummer when people print to Sharps because they need to pull that PIN code from their printer preferences and there's no way to store it in Adobe Reader/Acrobat's preference dialog. To force Acrobat to use the PIN, when you go to print and see the Acrobat/Adobe Reader print dialog, click the button on the lower left that says "Printer..." you will then get a warning to the effect that you're about to use the computers printer preferences. I usually advise the users to click the do not show again radio button before clicking OK to get beyond it. Once the more familiar printing preferences window comes up, they can click print (because it has now grabbed their preconfigured preference with the PIN code)--they don't have to configure anything unless they never originally configured their PIN. So, they just have to click Print on this screen, and then print again when they're released back to the Adobe Acrobat/Reader print screen. They will have to follow this procedure every time they print from Acrobat or Reader. That process again:

Click Print > Click the "Printer..." button in the lower left > Click Print on the following dialog > Click Print again.