The ITS Help Desk offers full technical support to current students, including transferring files between computers and basic data recovery.


Data Migration ($30 for off campus students, free for USD residents)

Did you receive a new computer for the holiday season?  Bring both computers to the ITS Help Desk and we can help transfer your data to your new machine!  Depending on what computer you have, we might be able to move programs as well (though we recommend bring DVDs for Office and other software you might have installed).



Data Recovery ($30 for off campus students, free for USD residents)

Does your old computer not start up anymore, or give you odd errors?  In addition to troubleshooting the computer (diagnostics is always free), we can try recovering data from your hard drive.  Please note that we cannot guarantee data recovery, but we can refer you to a local company if professional data recovery services are needed (their rates might apply).  Give us a call or visit UC 117 to learn more!




Temporary Data Backup ($30 for off campus students, free for USD residents)

Do you need to mail a computer back for repair?  Depending on the circumstances, we can back up a copy of your data to our servers for 10 business days.  This temporary backup service is also available for any students who bring their computer in for repairs at our office.  Please note: this service is temporary only, and does not take the place of your own backups.  Come by the office in UC 117 and we can recommend some products/services for automatically backing up your computer online or to an external drive.