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When working from off campus, many USD programs and applications require users to securely connect to the USD network. When you use a VPN program, your tablet will have access to the same computer resources that you have on campus. Here are instructions on how to install the Aruba VIA client, Pulse Secure, onto your iOS device. For walkthroughs with pictures, please download the attached PDF below.


iPhone / iPad Aruba VIA Installation

1.) Open the App store and search for Aruba VIA and download this App.

2.) After installation open the newly installed App

3.) Tap on the Key to download your VPN Profile

4.) Type in the VPN server name (, your USD username,

and USDOne Password then tap download

5.) Once profile is downloaded you will have a USD logo on your home screen.

Tap the logo to connect your VPN.

6.) The green Ring means you are connected.