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Google Drive is a feature available to everyone who has a Gmail account (this includes USD’s student and alumni Torero Mail accounts). To access Google Drive, log into your Toreromail account through At the top, click the word that says “Drive.” This gives you a view of your Google Drive, and gives you options for uploading or downloading the files you want. You can then view and download them from anywhere you can access your Toreromail account.


Dropbox is a service and application that is commonly used to share documents. To use Dropbox, go to and download the client. Install the client and follow the steps to sign up. Once Dropbox is installed, you will have a Dropbox folder that can be accessed by double-clicking the Dropbox icon at the bottom right of your screen on a PC, or clicking on the icon at the top right on a Mac. The icon looks like a blue packing box that is opened. You can then put files into this folder, as well as create new folders. As long as you are connected to the internet, these files will be uploaded to the Dropbox folder. Accessing Dropbox on another computer, or through, allows you to access these files, as long as you log into the same account.