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Backups of Your Computer



Backups are a way to safeguard your computer’s information. A backup can be used to restore your files or have a duplicate in case things go wrong. It is highly recommended that you backup your own files, because computer issues can be unpredictable and set you back significantly.


To back up your files, consider what you want to save. If you want to save a couple of documents or some music files, a USB drive is usually fine. If you want to backup large files or a large amount of files, you may need an external hard drive. External hard drives can be bought at the Torero Store or at any most electronics stores.


You can additionally back up files through Google Drive or Dropbox. Google Drive is an improved version of Google Docs, and allows you to upload any kind of file to Google’s servers. You can use up to 5 GB of Google Drive for free. Dropbox is another service that allows you to upload files to Dropbox’s servers, and also allows you to share files and folders with other users.


In the case of computer failure, it is sometimes possible for the ITS Help Desk to back up your files if the hard drive is salvageable. This service is for current students only and is on a case-by-case basis. We can also extract specific files for you and put it on your personal USB, so you can use them on a different computer.  For more information, please contact the ITS Help Desk at (619) 260-7900

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